Pope’s cake

Soft amaretto filled with vanilla flavored English cream and crunchy almond pearls.

Made with 2-4 mm Sweet Almond Grains

Creators of sensations

A journey through the different aspects of taste and shapes. The ability to reinvent traditional recipes or experiment with new ones. The desire to get back into the game with different colors, styles and materials. Always with enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity. Every day in the Picchio laboratories ingredients and materials of the highest quality are transformed into shapes, flavors, aromas and colors that involve the five senses, and make each piece a unique and special sensation.

To taste, look, smell, touch, admire, offer and give.
Beautiful and good things, well done and good.
At heart, mind and palate.

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Raw, peeled, sliced, sticks, grain.
Order the type of almond you prefer and taste it directly at your home.

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Minimum order 5 Kg

It is possible to order different qualities of almonds to reach the minimum quantity

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